Wake Up Masterclass

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15 min

Who is this for? 

Fast growing organisations who share our vision to leave the world a better place and are smart enough to invest in the wellbeing, culture and collaborative environment of their team. 

The workshop series is held over the period of 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your preferences and availability, at your premises or TBD for remote workers. Individual workshops are 3 hours. 

Workshops can include up to 10 team members.

How it works

Why invest? 

Business outcomes

  • Team aligned to business DNA (business goals & purpose)

  • Greater engagement & collaboration

  • Clarity for next steps business actions with defined team accountability

Personal outcomes

  • Sense of empowerment and connection to work

  • New perspective on mind, body & spirit wellbeing

  • Practical tools to deepen personal holistic growth

Workshop series

Align leadership

​Co-creating to confirm business goals, strategy & culture for masterclass

WS1 Wake Up


​Becoming aware of personal and business  blocking fears and habits

WS2 Power Up


Celebrating successes & acknowledging pain of change to let go of 'the old' habits

WS3 Power Up

​Creating room for the new and aligning personal with business purpose

WS4 Light Up


Embedding actions for sustainable change

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