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Who is this for? 

Organisations that are smart enough to invest in the wellbeing of their team and want to bring the next step to 'R U OK' to life in their workplace. Leaders who embrace the need for a platform and safe space to start the conversation around wellbeing. 

Your next step to bringing

to life

in your workplace

​Provide an exceptional body, mind and spirit experience that your teams are sure to appreciate and see the benefits manifest through reduction in workplace stress, greater team collaboration and increased productivity.

ROI: For every $1 invested in wellbeing, stats indicate returns on ave. of $2.30 in savings from presenteeism, absenteeism & compensation claims. Source: Bupa.

Platform: The Wellness Clinic opens a safe space for your team to start the conversation. Making it OK to share, collaborate, empathise and learn how to support each other with body, mind & spirit wellbeing.

Why invest?

The Wellness Clinic is hosted in your workspace for the day.

STEP 1: Invite leaders in your organisation to build a customised Wellness Clinic for their team

STEP 2: Leaders choose from the experiences below (max. 6 p/d) to compose a day that resonates

STEP 3: Book in a day with us to host the Wellness Clinic at your premise.

ADD ON: Taylor a custom ongoing wellness coaching package for your team.

How it works

Recognising that we are so much more than just our physical bodies, The Wellness Clinic seeks to address holistic health of the body, mind and spirit and show how they are connected and balanced. All change starts from within.

A unique holistic and fully adaptable clinic to serve your people.

* Rapid Transformational Therapy

** Active wear and mats required

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