Restricted by daily distractions, Wiebke wanted to set a clear growth path for her business

"The strategy day with Karen and Ruby was one of the most valuable ways to spend my time.  The day was light and I was lead through the workshop in a professional, clear and refreshingly fun and structured way. Karen implemented a beautiful balance between mind & heart and I loved that heart was included!  Throughout the day Karen & Ruby both perfectly held space, were asking right questions and inspired me to get new ideas flowing.  I felt motivated and was held accountable for the follow through, which helped to translate the day into actions and next steps. The Strategy Day allowed me to get new ideas flowing and I felt inspired to achieve the direction I want to go to, to strengthen my business performance for the year ahead. The day ended for me with a huge amount of clarity, a sense of purpose & topped up by a meaningful and clear strategy that is aligned deeply with my heart.  Thank you Karen & Ruby. "

Wiebke Q, small business owner, Sydney AUSTRALIA

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