DNA Strategy Day

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​The DNA Strategy Day is run at your offices with the key leaders (1 up to 5 people) of your business.  It is the perfect opportunity to reflect, co-create and build an exciting new direction for your business:

  • Do you run a successful business but want to make a greater positive social impact?

  • Are you feeling isolated as a leader and need greater clarity to realise your ideas? 

  • Are you struggling to make yourself or team members accountable with clear actions? 

  • Do you feel like there are personal blockages holding you back from achieving great results? 

Who is this for?

A day dedicated to identifying and setting a plan to activate the true DNA of your organisation.

  • Define the bigger humanitarian impact / legacy you would like to offer...your true business purpose.

  • Clarify your special X factor and uniqueness in the market.

  • Identify personal blocks holding you / your team back as a leader.

  • Set a solid plan of action to realise the growth you desire.​​

Set your Strategy & Get on Purpose

If you are seeking an authentic professionally facilitated experience, the DNA Strategy Day will enable you to move faster with more clarity and clear accountability.  You will address the deeper questions of what really motivates you to succeed and what actions count to deliver the business outcomes you seek.  Learn what clients have to say


​Our approach is very different.  We understand that we bring our whole selves to work - body, mind and spirit.  We acknowledge everything that is going on in your wider environment and balance it with practical grounded business methods and coaching .  Your health, mindset and life stage are all key factors to your current outputs and thus are key inputs to driving the results you experience. 


If you are a leader open to be vulnerable, able to look inwards to grow and heal personally, we can help your business prosper.  This day will be a powerful boost to your business.  We help you slow down to speed up using a method of:

Expanding ('breathing in') and Contracting ('breathing out')

We start to connect you to your purpose, gain more clarity and focus and end the day with accountability and actions.  We will uncover personal blockages that hold you back from growing, opening space for you to feel inspired, energised and on purpose.  

'Breathe in, Breathe out'

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