Are you a professional... looking for greater health & happiness?

This revolutionary holistic Wellbeing Membership will help you personally transform from a state of anxiety, lack of energy and little clarity to feeling HOPE, freedom and inspiration.

In our program, we wil guide you through a variety of holistic wellbeing techniques that address BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. You will learn about how everything is connected, how YOU work on the inside and what roadblocks may withhold you from creating the reality that you desire.

Hi! We are Karen and Ruby, the founders of Firefly Transformation - 'Wave'!

Trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Yoga, Meditation & Reiki - we have helped many people to find their inner brilliance, overcome fears, connect to their inner purpose and feel GOOD about themselves.

But... uplifting and healing others hasn't been our gift since we were born. Hack no! 

Going through depression, anxiety and burn-out ourselves, we had to learn the hard way. Glad we did, because we had never been able to create this program to help inspire many more others with what we learned along the way. 


Doctors and psychologists were supportive.. but we felt like they were only part of the 'solution'. We started to study and experiment with different holistic (sometimes non-Western) healing techniques. Combining all of these and seeing how everything is connected, led to the real and profound 'AHA moments' that started to completely transform our life, health and reality.


Now, as trained wellbeing practitioners and former consultants, we are on a mission to help YOU as a professional to navigate your way through healing techniques out there and inspire you on a journey of inner awareness towards greater health & happiness.

What we do

We bring you on a journey of inner awareness to connect the dots between BODY, MIND & SPIRIT to to think, feel and act differently and unleash your most powerful potential. We create a path to shift into positive energy and get you focused on what matters most - a sense of purpose, freedom and happiness.


Physical cells

Manifests dense energy


Thoughts & Emotions






Light & Energy

Online Membership

Here's the great thing.. we've put all of these insights, learnings and content in an easy to access Online Membership for you. 

Each month, you will receive access to new content related to a specific wellbeing technique: a combination of Live Webinars, recorded content and take home exercises. You a completely free to decide when you start the program and help us guide you through a journey of personal transformation.

What’s included per month?

  • 2-hour Live Webinar Workshop that combines learning (education) & doing (experiencing & self-reflection)

  • 1-hour Live Group Q/A Coaching session to receive support to questions and encourage personal growth

  • Trauma Focus (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Group Session acknowledging and supporting the extra-ordinary mental stresses (optional)

  • Wellbeing Community to build belonging and sharing. A safe space for employees to share experiences or ask questions they may not feel comfortable raising elsewhere.

  • Take Home Exercises & Home reflection to integrate learnings & encourage journey of inner awareness

Sign up for the Wellbeing Webinar Series today! 4 May - 27 May
May 04, 12:00 PM GMT+10 – May 27, 12:45 PM GMT+10

How this Online Wellbeing Membership will raise your vibes

Vitalizing your body with yoga, calming your mind with guided meditation and lift your spirits sharing creative new ways to care for yourself. 

Introducing you to 8 wellbeing techniques to add to your self-healing arsenal

Experiencing a 15min guided practice for each wellbeing technique to learn what most resonates for your own home wellbeing. 

Learning to connect the dots of mind, body & spirit to think, feel and act differently and become a positive human dynamo.

Getting in the habit of allowing yourself ‘Time Out’ time to reflect, recharge and self-nurture. We need to go slow, to grow! 

Raising your vibrations - to feel healthier, more energetic with a sense of HOPE and start to see positive shifts happen in your life.

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