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Employee Health & Wellbeing Programs
We guide organisations and individuals on a journey of wellbeing, self-healing & growth, to unleash powerful potential

What we do

              'Beyond wellbeing' programs for businesses

We work with fast growing, small-to-medium sized organisations who share our vision to leave the world a better place and are smart enough to invest in the wellbeing of their team. Leaders willing to put in the effort to face into challenges to heal. We help them bring the blueprint of their future organisation to life by: 

  • Focusing on individual wellbeing and self-empowerment, aligned to business goals

  • Aligning business needs and personal needs 

  • Significantly  shifting individual behaviour

  • Empowering individuals to grow and change with the organisation (instead of change being done to them) 

  • Providing new perspectives on holistic wellbeing, integrating the body, the mind & the spirit for individuals to find joy in their work and for businesses to prosper

Our approach is unconventional in that we:

  • Balance the blueprint of the organisation with the individuals working in them

  • Merge strategy directly with holistic wellbeing techniques and education, to unlock real potential and enable rapid growth

                  'Beyond wellbeing' for individuals 

​We work with individuals that want to thrive at work, and are willing to put in the effort to face into personal challenges, investing in their wellbeing to heal. We help them by: 

  • Providing new perspectives on holistic wellbeing, integrating the body, the mind & the spirit 

  • Educating on different techniques to improve physical health, reduce anxiety, improve resilience and connect to clarity and purpose in personal and work environments

  • Empowering individuals to grow aligned to their organisation and Future ways of Working

Our approach is unconventional in that we:

  • Bring together different learnings and techniques for holistic wellbeing, for people to choose what resonates most (body, mind & spirit)

  • We guide people through personal healing & transformation journeys. Delivering deep personal healing applying a range of techniques from Rapid Transformational Therapy, Yoga and Meditation to Reiki and business scale up coaching.
    Start your healing now!